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A community of support – our volunteers make a difference

Sharing and unlocking the knowledge, understanding, and experiences of migrant communities has become even more vital than before.

With your help we can share the values of difference, of Black identity, culture and learn about the combatting race discrimination and racism. With your financial support, can share more about the writings, books, activism and community initiatives, and with your networks, we can reach out to allies from all communities to help fund this essential work. 

It’s thanks to the generous support of cultural partners, donors, funders, and volunteers that has enabled us to deliver our series of exhibitions, events, conferences and educational programmes, produced in their collaboration. However, times are tough for everyone, so we too we need immediate support, skills and resources to be able to continue this work to educate, eradicate and elevate communities.

If you can’t get involved right now, then do us a huge favour and spread the work by spreading the word. Thank you so much, Friends.

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