Download: FHALMA Jessica Huntley event photos

There’s no doubt that the participation and support of the communities made the Jessica Huntley’s tenth anniversary event on 14 October such an exceptionally joyous occasion. People came to honour not only the memory of Jessica, but also sharing their memories of important legacy that she and Eric have entrusted FHALMA to carry forward.

The entire afternoon’s proceedings were elegantly compered by Marge Lowhar, who set a warm and hospitable tone throughout the entire day, enriched by the delicious refreshments provided by Sweet and Soul, whose catering skills were exceptional. Accabre Rutlin’s and Dr Claudia Tomlinson’s presentation: The Ages of the Remarkable Life of Jessica Huntley, alongside Margaret Andrew’s and George Kelly Fowokan’s films, Trustee Michelle Anthony’s call out, Margaret Busby’s personal reflections and the conversation with National Portrait Gallery artist Sharon Walters and Beverley Mason are all diligently captured and headed to the Archives. The arousing sounds of Chauncey Huntley’s troupe and The Kwe Kwe performers sent forth powerful musical energies to honour and celebrate Mother Jessica and reverberated throughout the Rothschilds Rooms. Guests were treated to the soulful sounds of self-penned anthem from Duchess, with an inspiring song of resistance. Our thanks also to all the performers for the Ages of Jessica including Claudia, Accabre, Eva, Sade, Trudy Mensah, Juliet Alexander, Michelle Yaa, Mia Morris and Sandra Agard.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Eddie Osei who, through his photography and video, much like Fowokan, before him, has been documenting the activities at Huntley events for more than a decade. We shall also be looking to prepare visual materials from the event for an official Accession to the Huntley Archives and London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) during 2024.

Thanks to all who bought books and made donations – we raised over £1,200 on the day. Your generosity means that we will be supporting young people’s educational journey very soon, with these funds going towards the JHMF Educational Bursaries.

Thank you to Gunnersbury Park Museum (GPM) for their generous support hosting of this important anniversary event and for being the gorgeous setting for the official launch of the Jessica Huntley Memorial Fund.  (JHMF).

Alongside our partners, LMA, GPM’s contributions and investment in our work in sharing the legacy of Eric and Jessica Huntley/ Bogle-L’Ouverture means so much to help FHALMA continue sharing the stories of change and resistance narratives that are found in the Archives. Appreciation to the City of London, LMA colleagues for their ongoing commitment and for continuing the work of the archives.

Thanks from all at FHALMA.