About Us

Eric and Jessica Huntley wanted to ensure that access to their records and archives was made possible to the public, and especially for their decades of critically important work in the community. As the charitable foundation, FHALMA continues to work towards building on the success of the Huntley Archives’ annual conferences, hosted at LMA since 2006 and the large-scale No Colour Bar initiative, whilst developing new opportunities to inform and inspire an intergenerational audience to find their own voice.

By continuing the legacy of their work, through sharing skills, building on collaborations with heritage organisations, FHALMA continues to work closely with LMA to discover ways to expose the value of the archives to young people and across the generations.

Over the years, FHALMA has been making the stories and lessons in the Huntley archives available to as wide an audience as possible through its discourses, conferences and other events. In addition, also FHALMA continues to support and further the work of LMA with other Black and Caribbean archives. With volunteer support and new funding, FHALMA’s website will offer access to the archives and future educational research resources.

Executive Team (Volunteers)
Beverley Mason, Chief Executive
Makeda Coaston, Producer/ curator
Anthea Giada Longo, Events manager
Caspar Kennerdale, IT Digital
Kai Huntley, Social media & photographer
Aislin Mageean,  Bookkeeper

Board of Trustees
Denise Baptiste
Janet Browne
Margaret Busby
Noreen Dunn
Donald Hinds
Accabre Huntley
Eric Huntley
Trudy Mensah
Colin Prescod
Keith Waithe