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We are building on the educational legacy of Guyanese-born political activists, Jessica and Eric Huntley, co-founders of the radical publishing house Bogle-L’Ouverture Publications, using their archives to spotlight migrant struggles to belong in post-war Britain and celebrate their achievements. 


We increase awareness about the influence of the Caribbean and African Diaspora by developing educational, interventionist cultural projects.  We elevate the Black communities’ contributions to British culture – in order to change attitudes, policies and practices. We inspire young people to discover more about their own heritage by improving knowledge about Black heritage within education and wider society.


“In times of crisis and fear, there is so much that is positive and inspirational to learn and share from the Archives – lessons from the past and ideas for the future. FHALMA’s remit is to ensure that the Huntleys’ passion for writing the wrongs and inequalities in society, their decades of collaborative initiatives in community, their desire to achieve social justice, to advocate for educational interventions, to start-up and support grassroots activist campaigns, their radical Black publishing ventures – all provide irrefutable evidence of the Black contributions to British life – and that the Archives are an independent witness, one of the strong, comprehensively spoken, Black voices of the story of the 21st century.

As pioneers, Jessica and Eric Huntley knew that there were several hidden stories that had to be told: to better inform a wider, intergenerational  audience – that young Black people needed to know more about themselves and their history. They wanted to ensure that access to their business and personal records and documents was made possible for generations to come. Fifteen years ago, they deposited 30 linear metres of boxes filled with thousands of letters, photographs, manuscripts, books, pamphlets, postcards – this being the first major collection at the City of London’s London Metropolitan Archives from the African Caribbean community and one of the largest collections of its kind.

By continuing the legacy of Jessica and Eric’s work, through sharing our skills and knowledge, at FHALMA, we’re building on collaborations with cultural heritage organisations, such as our partners, at Gunnersbury Park & Museum, Timespan and Culture&. We’re also pleased to work closely with LMA to discover ways innovative ways to expose help the value of the archives to young people, to diverse communities, and especially across the generations.

It’s our belief to follow in the vein of  the Huntleys, as quiet leaders, so over the years, FHALMA has been making the stories and lessons in the Huntley archives available to as wide an audience as possible through discourses, conferences, exhibitions, events and educational programmes. FHALMA also continues to support and further the work of LMA with other Black and Caribbean archives.

With investment funding, continued volunteer and pro-bono support, FHALMA’s aim is offer curated narratives and to make those available online with greater digital access to the archives,  and to produce enhanced digital educational and archive research resources.” Beverley Mason, Chief Executive

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Chief Executive
Beverley Mason 
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Natasha Ahmed
Makeda Coaston
Corey Francis
Dr Megan Miller

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Kwame Boateng, Majdouline el Hichou, Amarachi Iheke, Naomi Oppenheim, Marika Rutlin, Grace DeSouza


Dr Margaret Andrews
Dr Margaret Busby CBE
Colin Prescod

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Noreen Dunn 

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Ade Bamigboye
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